Instructor Profiles

Sensei Shawn Danaher, Chief Instructor

Shawn Pic

Started Training: 1992 (age 11)

Rank Held: Go Dan (5th Degree)

Occupation: Full-Time Instructor (Camarillo, Ventura, CSUCI)

Education: B.A. Psychology (CSUCI – 2006), ABA Therapist/Supervisor (STAR of CA)

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Women’s Self-Defense Courses, CSUCI Karate Club Co-Founder, National & International Tournaments, Real Life Situations

Recent Acknowledgements: Dalke Cup (2014), Budo Award (Nikkei Games 2015), Chief Instructor of Camarillo Shotokan (2015)

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Ed Pic

Edward G. Mundy, Jr., Sensei

Started Training: 1970

Rank Held: Yon Dan (4th Degree)

Occupation: President, Yojuro, Inc., Medical Consulting & Sales Organization (Emergency Department EMR System)

Education: B.S. Biology (UCSB), B.A. Psychology (UCSB)

Teaching/Training Experience: Goju Ryu Karate, Shotokan Karate, Kobudo, Instructor at Camarillo Shotokan, Instructor at CSUCI Karate Club, Numerous  National & International Tournaments, Instructor at Camarillo (Youth, Adult, and Kobudo)

Recent Acknowledgements: Trained diligently for 10 years in preparation of Yon Dan exam (received in 2016), Developed and Long-time Instructor of ‘Secret Black Belt’ class (for over 20 year)


Dave Pic

Dave Wallace, Senpai

Started Training: 1977

Rank Held: Yon Dan (4th Degree)

Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Investor

Education: B.S. Business Mgmt. (CSU Chico – 1981)

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Shito Ryu Karate, Adult Instructor at Camarillo

Recent Acknowledgements: Past Competitor at Dalke Cup, 2016 Competitions (Palm Springs & Riverside), Kata Gold Medalist at Pacific Coast International Karate Championships (2016) & Kumite Gold Medalist (2009, 2013, and 2014)


Daniel Omoto, Senpai (Profile COMING SOON)

Daniel Pic










Davis Pic

Davis Moyers, Senpai

Started Training: 2002 (age 43)

Rank Held: San Dan (3rd Degree)

Education: Liberal Studies (2 years)

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Kenpo Karate, Youth & Adult Instructor at Camarillo




Frank Pic

Frankie Spinale, Senpai

Started Training: 1972 (age 5)

Rank Held: San Dan (3rd Degree)

Occupation: Banker

Education: M.B.A. Finance, B.B.A. Finance

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Specializing in Teaching Youth




Kyle Pic

Kyle Martinez, Senpai

Started Training: 1998 (age 11)

Rank Held: Ni Dan (2nd Degree)

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Youth Instructor at Camarillo




Theresa Pic

Theresa Lowe, Senpai

Started Training: 1995 (age 25)

Rank Held: Ni Dan (2nd Degree)

Occupation: R.N.

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, CAPE Charter School, Mentor, Youth Instructor at Camarillo






David Pic











Tim Pic










Ashleigh Pic

Ashleigh Housman, Senpai

Started Training: 1998 (age 6)

Rank Held: Sho Dan

Occupation: Security Guard

Education: B.A. Psychology

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Women’s Self-Defense (focus on Rape & Aggression), CSUCI Karate Club Instructor and Volunteer Coach, National & International Tournaments, Security & Weapons Training



Jo Ann Pic

Jo Ann A. Samonte, Senpai

Started Training: 2006 

Rank Held: Sho Dan (1st Degree) 

Occupation: Family Nurse Practitioner (CSUCI) 

Education:  B.S. Nursing, M.S. Nursing

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate, Advisor for CSUCI Karate Club, Karate Referee Association Member.  National & International Tournaments



Jeni Pic

Jeni Kawate, Senpai

Started Training: 2007 (age 8)

Rank Held: Sho Dan (1st Degree)

Occupation: Student

Education: Student at RMHS

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate





Kevin Pic










Andy Pic

Andy Wu, Senpai

Started Training: 2010 (30)

Rank Held: Sho Dan (1st Degree)

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, M.S. Electrical Engineering

Teaching/Training Experience: Shotokan Karate




John Guelcher, Senpai (Pic COMING SOON)

Started Training: 2002 (age 28)

Rank Held: Shodan

Occupation: Assistant Professor of English (Ventura College)

Education: Ph.D., Composition and TESOL (Indiana University of Pennsylvania – 2012)

Teaching/Training Experience: Goju-Ryu Karate (5th Kyu) under Jukou Hirakawa (Miyazaki, Japan), Shotokan in Camarillo (2008-2010; 2011- Present), Shotokan in Salt Lake City, UT under Mamadou Traore (2010-2011).

Recent Acknowledgements: “Faculty Mentor of the Year” for starting the CSUCI Shotokan Karate Club (2014)



Senpai Glady Moyers (Pic & Profile COMING SOON)

Senpai Macadam Reid (OFF to COLLEGE)

Senpai Christopher Ray (OFF to COLLEGE at Notre Dame)

Senpai Hannah Ray (OFF to COLLEGE at Notre Dame)

Senpai Alexa Cogan (OFF to COLLEGE in Germany)

Senpai Shawn Cogan (OFF to COLLEGE in Germany)