Making History (1981)

Making History (1981)

In 1981, Camarillo Shotokan opened it’s door in the small town of Camarillo, California (39,000 population) when Sensei Victor Young relocated from Pearl City, Hawaii. Upon arrival, Sensei Young noticed there was no Japanese Karate available to the public in town for his 8 year old son Marcus to continue his studies in Shotokan Karate. Having 17 years of experience under his belt and a Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt), Sensei Young decided to take on the responsibilities of opening a dojo. And as they say, “the rest is history…”

Our First Dojo (1981-1993)

Sensei Young’s first dojo was located within the old Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo. At first, classes were open only to children, but as time went by parents and adults wanted to learn this unique art. With the increased interest classes were opened to adults, but membership quickly outgrew the room. Sensei Young went looking for a larger location and found a dance studio owner that was willing to share floor space. Classes were held at this location for the next 12 years (1981-1993) and during that time hundreds of students have come through the doors.

The Second Dojo (1994-2009)

In 1994, Sensei Young saw the opportunity and felt it was time to open a full time school, especially since his son was now teaching children at the Boys and Girls Club. Sensei Young had always wanted to open a school dedicated to Martial Arts so he opened a location in Old Town (2298 E. Ventura Blvd.) and had a 1250 square foot sprung oak wood floor along with full length mirrors installed. Camarillo Shotokan is Ventura County’s only traditional Shotokan Karate dojo. The training area was humbly adorned with a mini shrine and a picture and plaque of Master Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan at the front of the dojo (Shomen). Japanese calligraphy with motivational phrases along with crossed Japanese and American flags help to signify the cross cultures within the dojo. The rear section of the dojo was an area reserved for dressing, stretching and working the heavy bag. To help stimulate further development, there were two Makiwaras (striking post) for students to kick or strike to help condition their limbs to impact. Memberships and class sizes outgrow the space, so a larger facility was once again necessary.


The New & Current Dojo (2009-Current)

IMG_8836In August of 2009 the Dojo was moved to 1330 Flynn Road. The new dojo received a complete makeover. It hosts a large matted training floor over sprung hardwood and a 20′ high ceiling.  A large rear roll-up door provides ventilation while training. The spacious guest and viewing area is set in a warm environment with wood floors. The dojo is located in an industrial location amidst a large residential community. Wi-Fi is available.

Please come and visit our dojo. Our address is 1330 Flynn Rd., Suite A. Here you will find fulfillment for your journey in Shotokan Karate.