Sensei Young’s Martial Arts Chronology

Sensei Young’s Martial Arts Chronology


1957 – Began Judo training in Pearl City, Hawaii  (6 years)

1960 – Studied Shito Ryu Karate

1961 – Studied Shotokan under Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa  (JKA)

1964 – Studied Tang Soo Do w/ Republic of Korea Navy (red belt)

1964 – Re-entered Shotokan under Sensei Masataka Mori  (JKA)

1967 – Promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt by Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai  (JKA)

1970 – Appointed as Branch Instructor to Pearl City Dojo  (Hawaii)

1974 – Promoted to 2nd Dan by Sensei H. Kanazawa  (JKA)

1975 – Member of Hawaii Team (Japan vs. Hawaii)

1976 – Member of Hawaii Team to West Coast

1979 – Certified Women’s Self Defense Instructor (WSD Council)

1981 – Relocated to Calif. & started the Camarillo Dojo

(affiliated w/ West Coast Shotokan Karate Ass’n.)

1981 – Promoted to 3rd Dan by Shihan E. Hamile (WCSKA)

1984 – Promoted to 4th Dan by Shihan E. Hamile

1989 – Promoted to 5th Dan by Shihan E. Hamile

1994 – Opened second dojo in Camarillo

1995 – Promoted to 6th Dan by Sensei T. Namiki

(Japan Shotokan Karate Do Federation)

1997 – Retired from Civil Service and began full time teaching

1998 – Awarded 6th Dan by Shihan E. Hamile

1999 – Appointed Director of Technical Development

(World Fed. of Karate Do Organization – now defunct)

1967 – 2002 – Tournament Competition: Numerous awards in Kata and Kumite competition including several Grand Championships in All Styles competition.

2007 – (April) Promoted to 7th Dan  by the West Coast Shotokan Karate Assoc.,Int’l. –  Shihan Shalom Avitan, 8th Dan.

2009 – (August) Opened the third and current dojo

2012  – (August) Inducted into the 2012 Master’s Hall of Fame – Receiving the Platinum Life Achivement Award